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14-Oct-2017 14:45

I was fine through my shower, but afterward, while we waited to go to brunch and shortly after I’d put on a few generous squirts of my sister’s perfume, nausea hit me hard and strong for the first time. And I was able to eat eggs, pancakes, fruit and bread at brunch.I really could imagine myself actually throwing up. I’ve noticed today that it’s harder to suck in my stomach.

Somehow, I managed to brush my teeth and find my coat to walk half a mile to the drug store.

I don’t know what came over me, but it was probably the climax of such a down day.

After my cry-fest, photo edited to hide the redness! I spent the first few hours of the day alternating between dry heaving, sobbing on the couch and moaning.

Can’t even think about spices right now – ethic food spices or coriander or curry. I can still eat most foods, but the thought of everything but yogurt and ice cream is a little nauseating. I can’t really sleep on my stomach – not because I have a huge belly but because my breasts hurt so badly!

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I would give anything to be back in our Jamaica king size bed. But instead of buying a king-size bed, I ordered the snoogle pillow that so many pregnant bloggers have recommended.These little hard candies are made of cane sugar and citric acid, so I couldn’t imagine it would do anything but create saliva in my mouth. I don’t really think I’ve felt total fatigue yet, but the 2-3 naps I’ve taken in the past 6 weeks and the hundreds of yawns are enough to notice a slight difference in energy.

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