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This is further collaborated by the importance of hunting in paintings, especially for ceremonial purposes.In fact, archaeologists have been able to learn quite a great deal about the ceremonial lives of those who lived at Catal Huyuk.The exterior walls of the settlement were reinforced with wooden supports in addition to the mud brick of the standard walls, as were the ceilings of each dwelling. Inside the homes, one is immediately shocked to find artwork detailing the daily lives, as well as the ceremonial lives, of the citizens of Catal Huyuk.Some of the more famous wall paintings include hunting scenes, as well as landscapes from the surrounding countryside.Çatalhöyük was first identified and excavated in the late 1950s and early 1960s by the English archaeologist James Mellaart.

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Catal Huyuk (pronounced cha-tel hoo-yek, or Çatalhöyük in Turkish) is an archaeological site in what is now south-central Turkey.

Along with Jericho, it's considered one of the oldest cities in the world, dating from almost 7500 BC.

As the town made the transition from a hunter-gatherer site to a true city, various implements were needed in order to complete the tasks associated with both farming and herding.

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