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To load an XML document into the repository under a given path, use PL/SQL package Many operations for configuring and using Oracle XML DB are based on processing one or more XML documents.

Examples include registering an XML schema and performing an XSL transformation.

SAX is an XML standard interface provided by XML parsers for event-based applications.

You can use SAX to load a database table from very large XML files in the order of 30 MB or larger, by creating individual documents from a collection of nodes. You can also store XML documents in Oracle XML DB Repository, and access these documents using path-based rather than table-based techniques.

In a production environment, follow the Oracle Database password management guidelines, and disable any sample accounts.

See When loading large XML files consisting of a collection of smaller XML documents, it is often more efficient to use Simple API for XML (SAX) parsing to break the file into a set of smaller documents, and then insert those documents.

Instead, you must create that represent the XML data of interest, and then use those virtual columns to define the constraints that you need.

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It is equivalent to the IANA registered standard UTF-8 encoding, which supports all valid XML characters.The format and data of XML purchase orders are well suited for Oracle XML DB storage and processing techniques because purchase orders are highly structured XML documents.