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Or that kind of athletic beginner who is going to want to explore a little more of the mountain, than just sticking to the groomed trails.

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I give this ski 5 out of 5 stars, especially for that beginner to intermediate skier.I would recommend the Rossignol Sky 7 HD or even the Soul 7 HD depending on how much time you spend off piste. Expert snowboarder but at 47 I'm getting back into skiing after 30 years to ski along with the wife and daughter. If you get a ski that is too short for your weight or aggressiveness it can actually take control away from you by skidding out as you exit a turn rather than deliver rebound and edge hold.The Smash 7 is designed for the beginner to intermediate skier. I'm not a great skier yet but am fairly aggressive. If you are a strong on-piste skier, the Smash 7 may actually hinder you.It does get a little shaky at speed, it doesn't hold the best edge at speed, but again what we're looking for is a confidence inspiring ski that any beginner skier can get on and have a really good time and have something that is wide enough and versatile enough to explore the entire hill. Hide Q: I am an intermediate to expert skier and i'm good on groomers but want something thicker underfoot than my old skis which were 75mm for the trees and powder.

I like speeding down groomers and also doing black diamonds. thanks This ski would not give you the stability or responsiveness suitable for your ability. Based on your weight and aggressiveness, the 180cm is the same size that I would put you in as well.Fresh khat leaves contain cathinone - a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act.