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I loved reading about Annelyse’s family and her Mexican heritage.Family is what it’s all about, and there’s no greater gift than to pass along your heritage and traditions to succeeding generations.She does the most drastic thing she Annelyse Ortiz is a carefree young lady in her early twenties breezing through life.She does the most drastic thing she can think of: join the Army.Being a believer in Christ does not promise us a life without struggle or pain.In fact, Jesus himself says in John that we will have tribulation in this world. Nevertheless, our protagonist feels abandoned by God when a loved one dies during battle, and worst of all, she knows she's to blame for his demise.

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Annelyse, now a war veteran suffering from PTSD, struggles with severe bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts while she attempts to come to grips with the death of a loved one.

I would love to see this book picked up by a solid Christian publishing company and marketed the way it should be.