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18-Jul-2017 09:47

In July 2009 British diplomat James Hudson, then deputy consul general at Yekaterinburg, was humiliated by the release of a four-minute video, “Adventures of Mr Hudson in Russia”, which showed him with prostitutes.There was no suggestion he was involved in espionage. In a statement, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned that staff should “demonstrate high levels of personal and professional integrity”.In the 1950s, at least a dozen US diplomats were recalled to Washington after admitting sexual liaisons with KGB partners, and, in 1981, the US assistant military attaché to Moscow – “the best Russian-speaker in the American Embassy” – returned to the US following “a party stage-managed by the KGB”.In 1989 a US State Department official, Felix Bloch, was discovered to be passing secrets to the Soviets having been compromised following an interest in sadomasochistic sex.

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I refused to wear that and told the producers they could kick me off the show if they wanted. They were shocked, but then they thought it was awesome. How has your family responded to you being out on television? I hadn’tseen my family in a month, and I didn’t get to talk to them before the taping. But my family is totally supportive and incredibly loving.… continue reading »

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