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To pull this off, you will need at least 11 sources of white mana, and 22 sources of any mana.

But what if you want to cast Counterspell on turn two?

But this: Plains, Plains, Hallowed Fountain, Ponder, Geist of Saint Traft, Delver of Secrets, Vapor Snag ...

is at least an acceptable keep if you drop the fountain, pay 2 life, and Ponder into something good or drop a Delver and Ponder next turn looking for another Island (and setting up your Delver), then drop the Geist on turn three.

Dual lands in general have the attraction of giving you two (or more) mana colors in one land, usually with some sort of downside.

This allows your deck to curve out easier, and makes three (or more! Shocking yourself on the first couple turns is usually going to be worth it in the long run, and you get two colors of mana available turn 1-3.

Shock lands are not the best duals, of course, but they are easily the SECOND best duals.

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Since shocklands have these subtypes, it ensures that your other duals will be hitting the battlefield untapped and you can get a good, fast curve.Both produce either red or black and both come in tapped until a certain condition is met, either paying 2 life or if you already have a basic land of that type.

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