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08-Sep-2017 06:52

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Most people don't really want to marry a total stranger (much less have sex with them), and if that total stranger turns out to be a complete rogue and a cad, it may be necessary for the heroes to spring into action and rescue the hapless member of their group who is being forced to walk down the aisle.

(Of course, being Big Damn Heroes, they'll have to do so in the most overblown and dramatic way possible.) Sometimes, the person in the arranged marriage takes matters into their own hands and becomes a Runaway Fianc.

The couple's happiness just wasn't the goal the way it is in Western marriages today.

However, the one thing that is almost always present in an arranged marriage is tension.

Conservative and liberal pundits alike mythologized the failure of feminism and the “waste” of these talented women who were searching for soul mates.

For a generation of SWANS — Strong Women Achievers, No Spouse — these myths have become conventional wisdom.

Any hint of bad news about the successful or talented has always made headlines, but media pessimism about the happiness and life balance of millions of young, career-oriented women has struck a chord nationwide.

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The rise of the "Marry for Love" ideal didn't really start in Western culture until the 16th century, and there are places on Earth where it still hasn't.

At least recently, one of the potential spouses was as likely as not to try to defy this.

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