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03-Jun-2017 22:08

"F" was taken into a bus prepared by the TV crew and was asked to sign a document and present her ID.After "F" dressed up in a costume and people started filming, "F" was confused by a "change in the tone" of male staff whose questions "became more and more indecent".Young women in Japan are being routinely coerced into appearing in adult films a report has claimed— and the practice may be becoming more prevalent.Scouts have allegedly approached women in the street and offered them opportunities in the entertainment industry, before tricking, bullying, or blackmailing them into appearing in porn videos against their will, research by Tokyo based organisation Human Rights Now (HRN) has said.

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"They weren't wanting to appear in pornography at all, but somehow they got into a situation where they couldn't get out of the filming of the pornography,” she said.A Japanese journalist worked herself to death by doing 159 hours of overtime in a month and taking just two days off.

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