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The church (described by Leland in the C16th as "not large but exceeding fair") also became, effectively, a Lancastrian mausoleum.Duke Henry's daughter Blanche of Lancaster married John of Gaunt and their son Henry Bolingbroke became King Henry IV when he deposed King Richard II.It remains unclear whether the Romans fortified and garrisoned the location, but it slowly developed from around the year 50 onwards as the tribal capital of the Corieltauvians under the name Ratae Corieltauvorum.In the 2nd century, it received a forum and bathhouse.Certainly there is some continuation of occupation of the town, though on a much reduced scale in the 5th and 6th centuries.Its memory was preserved as the Following the Saxon invasion of Britain, Leicester was occupied by the Middle Angles and subsequently administered by the kingdom of Mercia.The later Roman name was a latinate form of the Brittonic word for "ramparts" (cf.Gaelic rath & the nearby villages of Ratby and Ratcliffe The Corieltauvian settlement lay near a bridge on the Fosse Way, a Roman road between the legionary camps at Isca (Exeter) and Lindum (Lincoln).

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It was noted as a city (civitas) but lost this status in the 11th century owing to power struggles between the Church and the aristocracy During the C14th the earls of Leicester and Lancaster enhanced the prestige of the town.

The first element of the name, Ligora or Legora, is explained as a Brittonic river name, in a suggestion going back to William Somner (1701) an earlier name of the River Soar, cognate with the name of the Loire.

The second element of the name comes from the Latin castrum which is reflected in both Welsh cair and Anglo-Saxon ceastre.

There was a legend his corpse had been cast into the river, while some historians It was concluded that the skeleton was that of Richard III because of the DNA evidence and the shape of the spine.

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In 2015 Richard III was reburied in pride of place near the high altar in Leicester Cathedral.

This church (a little of which survives in the basement of the Hawthorn Building of De Montfort University) was destroyed during the reign of King Edward VI.

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