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Wi-Fi video camera recording—including the capture of still photos, which most Wi-Fi cameras are capable of—is subject to “reasonable expectation of privacy” guidelines under privacy law, and that can make using these devices a little tricky.

If you’re on the street, in a bar, or even in your front yard, you have very different—and much looser—reasonable expectations of privacy (for example, everyone knows that, even in their own backyard, they might be picked up in a Google satellite image).

This means that you, the recorder, may know, but the other party doesn’t need to.

Some states, including California (where the above-described scenario occurred), require dual consent, which means everybody involved needs to be in the loop.

Should that happen, it could also persuade Twitch, You Tube, Facebook and others to patch in similar support.

That would help Microsoft and — were the same features to be replicated on the Play Station 4 — Sony to close the gap between console streaming and console-streaming through-a-PC setups.

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Although you have the right to surveil intruders in your own home without their consent, today’s cameras introduce a new bugaboo: Many models, including the ones Wirecutter recommends, stay on and record 24 hours a day, not only when you’re away.