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13-Sep-2017 00:08

Chris Evans and Minka Kelly just might be working on a sequel – to their romance.

After breaking up last year, the on-and-off couple have been spending time together in recent months, a source tells PEOPLE. 21 and enjoyed carryout from Hugo’s Tacos in Los Angeles. The two also spent time with his family in late September at karaoke night at Lavender Asian Cuisine & Bar in Evans’s hometown of Sudbury, Massachusetts, onlookers tell PEOPLE.

The former couple exchanged a few flirty messages on social media over the weekend. “You two are just too damn adorable,” wrote one Twitter user.

It all started when Evans, 36, wrote about his conflicting feelings over the theme song to the popular television show stresses me out,” he wrote on Twitter. “Aww you two have “confirmed” you’re a couple again! Slate and Evans split in early February after dating for nearly a year.

“The Pavlovian response is that it’s time to go to bed and I probably haven’t done my homework.” Slate replied, jokingly berating Evans for procrastinating on his homework. The flirty exchange comes after the two were spotted grabbing dinner together in Atlanta.

Evans kept up the joke, asking Slate to “cut class” with him.

This month, Twitter users claimed to have seen the two out multiple times together—but whether the hangs are just friendly or romantic is unclear.

The two have both talked about their relationship and what went wrong this year. But yes, he's so hot.'""She's my favorite human," Evans said of Slate that same month. I've never ever ever met someone in my life who has a mastery of the English language the way she does.

Most pillows are just pillows, but for Jenny Slate, the floral-print puffs arrayed on her pristine white linen couch in her freshly rented apartment in L. “And I had my ex-husband over last night and he was like, ‘These flower pillows look great. Slate used to do a stand-up routine about how her mom refused to sew her name into her shirt in elementary school, “because she was like, ‘You’re too friendly, and some stranger would just be like, There’s an obvious person missing so far from this tale of pillows versus patriarchy, but she’s not hiding anything; we just haven’t gotten to it yet. So he doesn’t know what he wants.” Ever since she was a pip-squeak at Camp Tapawingo in Sweden, Maine, Slate has known what she wanted to be: an actress, like Amy Irving or Gilda Radner or Madeline Kahn.

The state of my own romantic life is barren enough that I've officially thrown all my emotional well being into that of Jenny Slate's.