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Some people like to have lots of tools to do one job exceptionally well.

If this is you, focus ahead on the mincer and blender combos as they do a single task.

Other needs to consider include whether you have a tiny kitchen and no room for a big appliance. When you get to the range of final options, consider which one will bring you the most pleasure to use.

It may be easier on your arthritic hands or safe enough to have your children learn to use it.

If you are all about matching appliance color to a room or creating a kitchen item with a pop of accent color, then this food processor offers, by far, the most options of any tool we reviewed. Two easy-push buttons allow you to choose from high and low speed with a single hand.

The lid is tapered to be easy to hold and turn with one hand.

Some of these items make excellent hash browns, french fries, and/or waffle fries.

Others work more like a blender to puree and mince exclusively.

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When disassembling a chopper for cleaning, be sure to read the instructions, as there may be pieces that come apart in a specific way and can help you to prevent a buildup of trapped food particles.

The bowl is top-shelf dishwasher safe, and the stainless blade is also safe for the dishwasher.

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