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06-Jul-2017 19:19

But first she tells Smokey about her emotional experience in Detroit. Her performance is effortless, and she looks like she just walked off the set of “Dreamgirls.” Randy says it was torture! It feels like months have gone by since I last watched Idol. Smokey’s definitely oblivious, because he tells her to keep doing “For Once in My Life” the way she’s doing it. And she tries to sing lyrics right to Simon, which is just embarrassing. And the sound does not go with the look–he’s yet again in a Hoboken frat-boy outfit. That’s because we were pre-empted Tuesday for one reason or another. Then the surrealism truly kicks in when Ryan’s giant, disembodied head welcomes us to Motown week. Paula, who’s looking clean and pure as ever, then asks Ryan what he’s doing after (zzz). Kara loves the song, but not so much when it comes out of Anoop’s mouth.

After Allison and then Anoop returned to safety to live another week, Simon didn’t give Megan a second chance.

Danny was going to cut lyrics from “Get Ready,” but Smokey advises against it, and instead Danny has the backup singers do it. She tells Allison she sings like she’s been singing for 400 years.

Maybe she really did intend to show her “fuck side.” Kara’s on her feet! But since it has to be a guy, my guess is Michael Sarver.

No offense to the scores of 16-year-olds reading this… But she sounds like she’s been alive a lot longer than that–and through some shitty times. Who should go home this week: None other than the inimitable Megan Joy.

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I’m kind of disturbed that a voice like Allison’s is coming out of a 16-year-old. Kara shamelessly pipes in with “My Guy.” Paula says Megan’s beautiful but she didn’t find “the pocket.” Simon tells her to fire whoever is advising her. Anoop’s going for a “sensual” rendition of “Ooh Baby Baby.” “I would not change a thing,” says Smokey. He starts out okay, but there are some pitch problems on his falsetto. Michael coughs at the end, to inform us that he, too, is afflicted by the disease that buys you another week on the show.

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