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04-Nov-2017 02:48

My room was exactly the same, the door creaked opened slowly and a dark figure entered.

On this occurrence, I didn't have the chocking or sitting on my chest.

I look around and see my room just the same, get up and do various activities only when something happens that let's me know this is not real, I realize I never got out of sp, when I wake up for real, its all the more freaky to come back to the real reality.

I have also been talking to my wife during sp and then she turns into a dark demonic figure who then attacks me.

I have read extensive material on sp over the years and tons of theories but have come up with my take on what sp is.

Although I am an active Christian, I don't agree with what most Christians say about sp.

Also, when fighting so hard to get out of sp, I had strained so hard to move a limb that I have actually moved my "spirit" arm or leg up out of my body.

This is also how I explain the ability to look around the room while in sp, It's my spirit that is moving all the while my body is paralysed.

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I could see my brother in his bed and I was trying to get back in my body.The other ones were smaller and oh ya this was all in my mind, the conversation we had.

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