Tina sherrye dating scam

28-Jul-2017 04:46

However, when people signed up for the sites and responded to the messages, they never received a response. The scam is sometimes called catfishing and its victims are said to have been catfished. The victim is usually a user of social media or a member of an online dating site.No one is sure who the man is seen in the pictures Thompson received.She worries she's not alone in falling for this scam, so she's swallowing her pride in the name of saving others."If I can save people from that, by having to tell the story that I didn’t really want to share and make everybody aware that I was stupid enough to have it happen to me, that would be the silver lining that could come from this," she said.These types of scams have been around as long as the Internet, and maybe longer.As long as people are motivated to deceive to make a buck, there will be victims of this and other scams.


Since 2015, nearly 50 catfish scams have been reported to BBB Scam Tracker, resulting in nearly 0,000 in losses nationwide.

Texans have reported more than ,000 in losses to catfish scams.

But when his retirement came weeks later, he told Thompson he was caught up at Customs at the airport in Dubai, and needed to pay for various paperwork to pass through.

"It was wired to Citibank in New York, which I felt comfortable about," said Thompson.Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra Ghana Page Ripandscam com Search world s information including webpages images videos more others however it life ruining Don t be a victim of Ghana scams or fraud hot bed huge .

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