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the day seemed to last forever and it was wonderful," she says. They now live on a 40-acre farm outside of Bend, with five horses they use for trail riding, sorting, and cowboy mounted shooting. Christy wound up keeping him."Friends tease David that he should've just bought the horse? "He always laughs and says he's very happy with how it all turned out."Janine and Dan: Married on a Mountaintop Dan Stewart joined Equestrian in about 2001, while he was still in the Air Force.

He met a lot of friends though the site, but didn't get serious about looking for a partner until he retired and moved to Alabama in November of 2004.

"I told her that my new civilian job as a senior network engineer required a lot of travel, so spending time together was going to be tough," he recalls. I thought we had a lot in common, and I loved being with him no matter what we were doing."The couple shared an interest in horses and motorcycles.

"But she understood and gave everything she had to make it work."In the beginning their correspondence was entirely through the site. "We're opposites in that I'm loud and opinionated and she's quiet," observes Dan.

They breed and raise mainly Quarter Horses and a few Paints, with which they compete in Western pleasure (Janine) and team roping (Dan), plus trail ride."It's a wonderful life," says the horsewoman simply.

Victoria and Terry: Keeping the Faith A girlfriend encouraged Victoria Wassell to try Equestrian in 2009 after the breakup of Victoria's marriage.

The Kingman, Arizona, artist, owner of a black-and-white Spotted Saddle Horse named Harley, wanted to meet a horseman."I'd been married for 27 years, so dating was new to me," she recounts, "and finding someone who shared my passion was a priority."Terry Brown, meanwhile, was the owner of an aerospace manufacturing company and three Quarter Horse geldings in Graham, Washington.

This eventually led to contact with David De Courcey, a real estate title examiner from Bend, Oregon, who was also a member of the site.

Christy sent him photos of her horse, and the two began corresponding by e-mail and phone."On the phone he was warm, witty, and smart," Christy recalls.Connie and Han: Best First Date Ever Connie Schuh of Fort Collins, Colorado, had just lost her childhood horse to old age when she decided to try online dating. but with some trepidation."I was nervous about putting myself out there for strangers to see," she explains.

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