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We’ve worked with his ELPs before for insurance and were honestly shocked at the great rates they got us.)EEK!

Dave Ramsey has a radio show where you can call in and yell “WE’RE DEBT FREEEEE!

Our priorities had already been decided, and now it was only a matter of following through.

Our main motivation was long-term freedom: to not be tied down by a mortgage, to make choices that were not constrained by bills. Being out of debt ROCKS and , but I had to keep a constant check on my motivations and my heart.

There’s nothing like setting goals as a couple, dreaming together, and getting on the same page to make them happen.

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When we had our first kid two years into owning the house, I went down to part-time work and cut my pay in half.

In other words: someone who has your best interests at heart. We paid for it with cash we’d saved and, after driving older, grosser cars for years, it totally felt like an upgrade. We wrote down on paper exactly how much we could spend each month on each category of expenses, and we each got a small amount of money to spend on whatever we wanted. ) We had exactly 0 for groceries, and at the end of the month if we had spent it all, we had to scrounge in the dark recesses of the pantry and make it work until the next month began.